Friday, October 8, 2010

*Painted Pumpkin Ideas*

So I have decided that this year instead of carving pumpkins I will paint them! Here are some really cute pumpkin ideas!  Feel free to share them with me if you have any!

As you can tell I really love black and white, but I think these are really cute.  Plus when you carve pumpkins they rot and get ruined really quickly. 

These are really cute because they are different colors, they would be really neat for kids! You can add sparkles and jewels as well to spice them up!

These next one are so cute! Simple yet sophisticated.  These would be cute to put on display on the middle of a harvest table!

What a neat idea!  Its a pumpkin used as a vase!

How cute for a Halloween party!

These would be so neat on a fireplace or on bales or straw!

Black & White

These are so cute!

Variety of Sizes.


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