Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Halloween, our favorite time of year! So much to do and say!

Happy Wednesday too all of our readers! So today is the official 6
months that I have been with Nationwide Insurance and I am absolutely loving my
job (minus the fact that I am not feeling well today and I went home sick :(
good thing I have a great husband who made me dinner! ) I remember my dad used
to tell my mom how worried he was that I would never be able to keep a job
because I would start something and then quick and complain that I had to work.
However, I think I have finally found something that I love to do and am good at

I love going to my job each day, the people are great, I have made a
lot of great friends there and my superiors are very friendly and professional.
Nationwide truely is "On Your Side" and they really treat us (employees) very

This week at work is customer appreciation week and today they bought
us all cookies and Thursday we get to wear jeans for free! (Normally we have to
pay $1 on Friday to wear jeans and it goes to a charity). Right now we also
have the United Way Campaign going on. If 70% of the company completes there
E-Pledge (taking $ out of each of their paychecks) we will get Fazzolis for
lunch! Another good perk to Nationwide, we truely are appreciated. For once I
have a job that they care about you as a person and you aren't just a number to
the company. I have a new supervisor at work who I really enjoy she is very
friendly and strives to talk with me about what my goals are and where I see me
going in the future with the company, which I love the thought off. 

What I would idealy love to do is go into a supervisor position and
from there I would like to do something with marketing/design because as most of
you know I love to design things. Mirror, Mirror on the wall, I am my Mother
after all :) which I am thankful for. 

Tomorrow I will be volunteering at Hawthorn Hill again. I will be
taking one of the kids to the library to help him with his science fair project.
He decided that he wanted to build a volcano and show how vinegar and baking
soda make a chemical reaction. This child is so smart and understands the
concept fully, the only problem is he doesn't have the resources to complete the
science fair project. 

The problem in today's society is that teachers expect children to
have all of the resources of electronics at their fingertips and unfortuntely if
the parents cant afford it they dont have those resources. 

The science fair paper said that he had to have a board and
everything had to be typed out and look professional and have a lot of color.
Unfortuntely, he has no supplies, he has no computer, printer or the materials
to do the project. 

I have volunteered to take him to the library down town tomorrow to
start doing his research and to get his ideas together so that at some point he
can get it all type up to put everything together. So, tomorrow after noon when
he gets out of school we will be going down to enjoy a snack and get studying.

I have posted an add on craigslist and asked anyone who has extra
toys or basketballs, volleyballs, ect to please donate them to the shelter.
After spending time with the kids I have found that they are very bored there
(which is what starts kids into getting into trouble because they do not have
enough to do). They have a basketball hoop, but do not have a basketball, they
do not have board games or anything of that sort. Kids need these things in
order to keep in their own "kid" frame of mind so that they do not have to focus
on the stress of the situation they are in.

If I had a million dollars, oh the things I would do with it! I wish
I could help every family out there!

This year my goal is to be able to sponsor a family less fortunate
and to help them out becaues Christmas should be a time of giving and this year
that is what my goal is!!!

Again, I can not stress enough the importance of helping the needy
and those less fortunate. Because we take our lives for granted each and
everyday and there is always someone out there who has it worse than we do, just
remember that!

Whether its volunteering your time, or donating your clothing.
Whether its giving a neighbor a helping hand or helping the elderly with their
groceries, your help will never go unseen, and if you think YOU cant make a
difference you are wrong! Because, to the world you may be one person, but to
one person you may be the world!

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